Article 2: Object of the association

The association aims to:

  • bring together all road professionals as well as natural or legal persons directly or indirectly interested in road activities.
  • provide a council organized and supported by all its members to all works of general interest concerning road engineering and road activities in general.
  • promote exchanges between project owners, prime contractors, road industry professionals, road operators, universities and engineering schools and, in general, exchanges between specialists.
  • centralize documentation on road-related topics and promote the publication of relevant work.
  • to promote actions aimed at improving the professional level of its members and at the organization of continuous training cycles.
  • encourage scientific and technical research in this field.
  • organize all events likely to serve these purposes.
  • promote regional and international cooperation in the field with similar Associations, experts or professionals.
  • strengthen the link between students at preparatory institutes, engineering students and the professional world.

The vocation of the association is essentially non-profit scientific.